This Simple Exercise Can Improve Your Posture and Get Rid of Back Pain

Looking after your posture is key for a back pain free life. 

Reasons to take good care of your posture include

  • Back pain, tightness in the chest and blood circulation are all affected by bad posture
  • Good posture reduces pain in the shoulders, neck and back
  • Good posture have been proven to decrease stress, improves hormonal balance, breathing, improves digestion process, improves mental and overall health

Using stretches and poses from yoga, there is a simple way in which you can greatly increase your posture. The following exercise is great for improving posture and in general is good for keeping your back healthy. Be sure to consult your doctor first if you previous problems with your back.

Step 1: Lie on your stomach, face down, and touch the floor with your forehead.

Step 2: Extend your legs behind and spread them in the width of the hips. Distribute the weight evenly over the top of both feet.

Step 3: Gently lift the upper part of your body and make sure to keep your head up. Do this slowly and lift as high as you feel comfortable

Step 4: Inhale and lift your head up looking ahead. During the exhaling lift your fingers and hands. Keep your hands close to the body with the palms down.

Step 5: Use your thigh muscles and lift your legs up. Your weight should rely on the lower ribs, abdomen and pelvis.

Stay in this position from 10 seconds up to 1 minute, depending on your ability. Repeat the exercise 5 to 10 times.

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