The USA Just Became The First Country Ever To Un-Label GMOs. Here's What You're Not Being Told

In 2007, Obama embarked on his presidential campaign, promoting themes such as government transparency and healthcare for all. 

Obama publicly declared that if elected he would make sure genetically modified foods are labeled as such. 

So did he do it or was it just some political rhetoric we are now accustomed to seeing and hearing?

Salon online magazine pointed out:

'Food stamp recipients didn’t cause the financial crisis; recklessness on Wall Street did,' Obama declared in his final State of the Union address. 
There is a problem with this, however: Obama cut food stamps and bailed out Wall Street, punishing none of the people he readily admits caused the crisis.

Barack Obama has now signed a bill that removes the need for labeling GMOs.

The bill, S. 764, also referred to the Dark Act, is so  riddled with loopholes and back alleys that in theory, allow for genetically modified foods to slip through under the radar and unannounced.

The new bill is basically a revamp of an existing bill, the Sea Grant College Act, which has been in existence since 1966 and comes up for re-approval every few years like other legislative economic acts that involve changes to their funding

Despite his campaign promises, Obama has signed this bill into law, as reports.

Obama said "transparency" but even his own supporters knew little of what was really going on. As soon as he took office, Obama started propping up food administrative departments with former Monsanto execs and other key people.

Unfortunately in politics, we see it all the time. Every promise of real change by someone who isn’t owned by the banking and corporate elites is stifled by legislation and intervention in their efforts to put words into action.

From the start the political process is rigged ensuring only the pre-chosen few make it for the grand finale, staged in such a manner that makes it seem like participating.

The vast sums of money raised for  the campaigns is to support the media’s political theater and to distract everyone  from what’s really going on.

It may be wild daydream, but here's a scenario. Imagine if everyone entitled, who is registered to vote, burned their registration cards in protest of this political mockery? What if there was a vote-less election? Unfortunately, the reality is that this type of thinking gets more people angry at the message than at the dreadful situation it addresses.

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The USA Just Became The First Country Ever To Un-Label GMOs. Here's What You're Not Being Told The USA Just Became The First Country Ever To Un-Label GMOs. Here's What You're Not Being Told Reviewed by Admin on 12:43:00 Rating: 5
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