Here's How 1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar a Day Can Shrink Your Waistline FAST!

Apple Cider Vinegar is gaining more and more popularity due to it's incredible health benefits, for weight loss and many other reasons. 

Part of its appeal is that it is a common pantry staple that has been hiding this wealth of amazing secrets. 

Adding Apple Cider Vinegar to you daily diet will help in multiple ways.

Weight Loss

The ingredient in Apple Cider Vinegar which makes it a great fat burner is acetic acid. It is a component of vinegar that encourages your body to lose weight by helping prevent the build up of body fat and unhealthy liver fats, supporting weight loss. 

Studies done by the Central Research Institute in Japan (2009) and Johnson and Buller (2005), showed how just a small amount of vinegar a day can help with weight loss. The studies suggested that a minimum of 15ml (1 tablespoon) a day is enough to increase weight loss.

Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with an 8oz glass of warm water or fruit juice as an easy way to get you daily dose, or if drinking vinegar isn't for you, drizzle 1tbsp over a salad with lunch. 

Lowers Cholesterol

A study by Panetta et al highlighted the positive effects of consuming apple cider vinegar on blood lipid levels (cholesterol levels). They showed that taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day was enough for cholesterol levels to be reduced. 


Fighting Diabetes

This study in 2007 was researching the effects of Apple Cider Vinegar on fasting glucose levels. The study showed that by taking two tablespoons of vinegar before going to sleep helped to reduce these levels, thus fighting the effects of type 2 diabetes which is linked to being overweight. 

Lowering Blood Pressure

A study by Iman, in 2015 found that apple cider vinegar ‘oxidizes and thins the blood, which is important in preventing high blood pressure.’ Low blood pressure is also linked to decreased chances of having heart disease or suffering from a stroke.

Healthier Hair

Apple cider vinegar can improve your hair by making it shinier, stronger and overall healthier. This article gives guidelines for your specific hair type to get you on your way to great looking hair. 

Take one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day to see fast results!

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