First Ever GMO Animal Approved by FDA for Human Consumption

While GM fruits and vegetable have now been around for a while, the FDA has recently approved the sale and consumption of GMO salmon, in the face of public concern about a lack of testing.

This will mark the first ever genetically modified animal that will be available for the public to eat. The salmon, known as “frankenfish”, comes to an already threatened salmon population, and poses unknown risks to consumers.

The so-called frankenfish was designed by AquaBounty Technologies and can grow to twice the size of regular salmon. Due to insufficient studies being carried out by the FDA and AquaBounty, there are concerns about the potential dangers of the fish. A potential review by the FDA failed, due to a lack of proper analysis on how the fish might impact the health of those who eat it. Andrew Kimbrell, the executive director of Center for Food Safety, says that, “this decision sets a dangerous precedent, lowering the standards of safety in this country.”

The only studies that were considered were two that were submitted by AquaBounty themselves, and the FDA said of one of them, “no reliable conclusions.” could be drawn from it. 

The studies did show increased levels of hormones and allergens, but no research was done on any possible negative effects these will have.

The fish will be bred in Panama and then transported to the US. They are produced by growth hormones being injected into fertilized eggs to create a sterile salmon that grows four times larger and four times faster than normal. Researchers at Purdue University have published a paper that includes possible threats and environmental risks that may come with the GMO salmon.

As it has happened in the past, there is a real worry that some of the GMO salmon will escape into the wild, and the repercussions of them becoming integrated with other species could be huge.

Perhaps the worst part of this story is that the GMO fish will not be labelled as such, leading sonsumers to think they are buying organic. Scott Faber, executive director of pro-GMO labeling group Just Label It, has expressed his concerns  “The decision to approve GMO salmon without a mandatory disclosure is yet another example of how FDA’s outdated policy keeps consumers in the dark.”

The allowing of these GMO fish onto our dinner plates will no doubt open the floodgates for the FDA to push through more and more genetically modified food into the system.

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