Scientists Just Accidentally Figured Out How To Turn CO2 Into Fuel In New Breakthrough Study!

Researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory have made headlines recently as the have discovered how to turn carbon dioxide into ethanol. 

And the most amazing part? The discovered it by accident.

The scientists developed a process that adds tiny bursts, or "nano-spikes" of carbon and copper to CO2 which transforms it into ethanol. Ethanol is found in many household items such as hand sanitizer and alcoholic drinks.

A more fortuitous outcome for the scientists is that ethanol can be turned into fuel, and with the price of oil as it is, this could be great news for the energy industry. Gasoline in Brazil contains over 25% ethanol, which has led to the scientists are calling the discovery a "twist to waste-to-fuel technology."

Adam Rondinone, lead author of the study, issued a press release in which he said: 

We discovered somewhat by accident that this material worked, we were trying to study the first step of a proposed reaction when we realized that the catalyst was doing the entire reaction on its own. 

The result came as part of an experiment which had initially set out to find whether or not CO2 can be converted into ethanol, but the scientists had predicted the process would be much longer and would involve the use of other more complicated chemicals to get the end result. 

They were surprised when they achieved their goal at a much earlier time in the study than they had expected. It turned out they only needed a single catalyst (copper) to transform the CO2.

Implication for this discovery are huge and widespread. As CO2 is one of the air pollutants which contributes to climate change, something which the science world is constantly trying to overcome. And for the fuel world too, where there is global problems with supply and demand, and prices spiraling out of control .

If the scientists chose to harness the power of this discover, we could be potentially looking at a worldwide carbon-neutral alternative to fossil fuels, however, there has been no word on when (and if) the technology is going to leave the lab. Well we wouldn't want to put the multi-national fuel companies out of pocket would we?

Here's The Scientists at Work in This Video:

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