Breakthrough: Scientists Discover Root That Can Kill 98% of Cancer Cells in Only 48 Hours

The search for a cure for cancer is an ongoing struggle. Many of the treatments available currently are aggressive, unreliable and often leave the patient with added problems after the course is finished.

Chemotherapy for example kills cells in the part of the body which has the cancer, that is, ALL the cells-including the healthy ones. 

It leaves the patient damaged and weak. More and more we are seeing people turning down radiotherapy as the negatives of it seem to often outweigh the positives.

New treatments are always being explored and often the natural route is seen as best. Many natural ingredients we know have have positive powerful health benefits but not until recently did one common root show itself as a powerful cancer fighting weapon. 

Researchers at the Windsor Regional Cancer Center in Ontario, Canada, found dandelions to have an amazing effect on the reduction of cancer cells.

Dandelions effect on Cancer Cells

The highlighted case is one of 72-year old John Di Carlo who was battling lukemia. After many aggressive and unsuccessful treatments, Carlo was sent home to spend his final days with his family, doctors thinking they could do nothing else for him suggested Carlo tried drinking dandelion root tea in an attempt to ease some of him symptoms. Carlo began drinking the tea and four months later, he was in remission. He has been living cancer-free for the past three years.

The Amazing Results

Dandelion roots has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and is known for its powerful healing properties and has been used on such ailments as hepatitis and even anorexia. It possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogen and antioxidant properties. However the effect it was seen to have on cancer cells was a groundbreaking breakthrough.

Dr. Caroline Hamm, Dr. Pamela Ovadje, and Dr. Siyaram Pandey tested the effects of dandelion root aggressive human chronic myelomonocytic leukemia cells. The cells treated with the dandelion root extract showed a reduced ability to rejuvenate, they grew at a slower pace which lead to cell death compared to the untreated cells. The cancer cells were shown to be disintegrating after just 48 hours.

Unlike the previously mentioned Chemotherapy, treating with DRE was so miraculous because it fought ONLY the cancerous cells, and left the normal cells intact.

DRE has proven itself to be useful in the fight against cancer, but it has a number of other health benefits also:

Diabetes – It has been known to stabilise blood sugar levels

Digestive Issues – It has positive effects on helping the liver to cleanse the body

A Source of Vitamin A – Vitamin A is great for healthy skin eyes, and the respiratory system 

Source of Vitamin K – Vitamin K is essential for healthy teeth, bones and aids muscle tension.

DRE Not to be used with chemo

Dr. Hamm has warned that even though dandelion root extract can have positive effects on cancer, it should not be used alongside chemotherapy and the use of it should be discussed with your doctor.

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