How to Lose Weight with The "Marijuana Diet"

The Marijuana Diet, sounds great right? Written by Art Glass, this books goal is to combine marijuana with a healthy diet, and there is some science behind it.

The book is first and foremost a guide to maintaining a healthy diet while trying to keep the munch at bay. A lot of it might seem like common sense but sometimes certain factors might lead to eating healthy going straight out of the window.

Most of the book is about the benefits of healthy eating, and how a good diet can improve your body and mind, but unlike other nutritional books, the silver lining to this one is that it focuses on how marijuana can make healthy eating a much more fun experience.

Marijuana And Dieting

Glass says that smoking weed on The Marijuana Diet can help you gain better control over your psychological and emotional issues, which may be the initial cause of weigh gain. He says that smoking in general leads to you being a happier human being because it leads to having a fully open mind.

Cannabis is well known for reducing stress, and with stress being a leading factor in many illnesses, even leading to death, combining this with healthy eating will surely have you on the way to a stress-free mind.

In a nod to the famous munchies, it has been proven that marijuana does in fact increase your metabolism, leading to you burning more calories. The Marijuana Diet includes over 100 testimonials from people who have lost 20 to 100 pounds and claim it was all down to smoking marijuana.

Marijuana And Fitness

The Marijuana Diet is not just about clean eating, the diet also praises the effects of exercise. Glass’s includes an exercise called ‘Shake the Fat Away’, which is a workout that can be done sitting on the sofa or even lying in bed.

If the exercise program is followed correctly, according to Glass you can expect these following benefits, to name a few: 

– Lose weight

– Detoxify one’s body

– Free one’s body of aches and pains

– De-stress one’s life

– Get in touch with one’s higher self

– Have more fun in life

This all might seem too good to be true, but if you follow a healthy die, exercise correctly and try out some of the added extras in Glass's book, you may be on your way to being a better version of you than you ever thought possible.

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