How Hillary Clinton’s Foundation Paved the Way for Chinese Vaccine Market Takeover

As the 2016 presidential election draws nearer, The Clinton Foundation becomes more of a subject for scrutiny. People are eager to know where the money has been going, and what projects the future possible first family has been supporting.

Hillary Clinton is well known to have been a avid supporter of both Monsanto and the pharmaceutical industry in the United States. 

What people don't realize, however is that the Clinton Foundation has recently been expanding it's aid to one of the US's main competitors- China.

A 2014 report from the World Health Organization revealed that Hillary’s foundation has been a key player in helping China to become a giant in the vaccine world. 

In the report which was inconspicuously released by the World Health Organization in 2014, the Clinton Foundation helped to make it so that Chinese vaccines now come “pre-qualified.”
This means that no checks by the United States, or any other country, need to be made before the vaccines are delivered to up to 152 low and middle-income countries.

This will surely result in large profits for the Chinese manufacturers who sell these vaccines on the open market with little accountability. 

The countries receiving the vaccines will not even have to inspect them, and with many of them being send to low income countries, it is doubtful that any checks will be made at all.

Lance Rodewald, head of WHO’s expanded program on immunization (EPI) in China said: “(the new regulations) have made it possible for the United Nations and other agencies to procure life-saving vaccines for countries without the capacity to make high quality vaccines or the resources to purchase them.”

Worry is rife in the safe and green vaccine movement that sub-par or, even worse, dangerous vaccines are going to make their way into the system with the potential to harm large amounts of people. Un-checked vaccines have been proven in the past to be dangerous and even deadly. 

In 2013 in China 17 children, including 8 infants, died after a hepatitis B vaccine was administered. Even though the government officials said that they were not the cause, the incident raised serious questions about vaccine safety and efficacy. Again recently 130 people were arrested for improper handling of vaccines which were being sold near their expiration dates. 

The U.S. government has been working to silence vaccine victims since the 1986 decision to prevent lawsuits against manufacturers was brought in. 

Since then, only $3 billion of the multiple billions made every year by these companies, has been paid out through the United States’ vaccine injury compensation program even as several possible cases are denied. 

The wheels are already in motion, with major pharmaceutical companies like Novartis and Merck already  having invested billions in China and are working with local companies to reach the Chinese market. 

With an estimated 80% of major drug ingredients sold in the U.S. are manufactured overseas and an estimate that around half come from China and India (according to Bloomerg),the chances of one of these rogue vaccines ending up in your doctor's surgery is a scarily real possibility.

For more on this story check out the original 2014 WHO post by clicking on this link.

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