Father builds guillotine and chops off his own hand to end years of agony because doctors would not help

Mark Goddard, a 44 year old motorcycle crash victim has amputated his injured hand with a homemade guillotine to end 16 years of unbearable pain only to find out his arm still pains him. 

The man says he was driven to this extreme, because the NHS (The National Health Service) in the UK have refused to help him. 


The Daily Mail reports;

The father-of-one took a fortnight to build the guillotine using an axe, some springs and an old gate post, which took his left hand off ten days ago.

But unfortunately the DIY amputation in his garden, carried out without any anaesthetic, has failed to take away the pain that has tormented him since he was 28.

Mr Goddard from Newton Abbot, Devon, has now told his local hospital that unless they cut his arm off from the elbow by December he will do it himself.

The unemployed former garage owner, who is right handed, says his severe pain began after a 1998 motorbike accident left him with nerve damage.

But doctors refused to operate because they considered his hand and wrist healthy, he said.

'I should not have to go to such extremes to get my pain stopped,' Mr Goddard said.

'There was an alternative and that was having it done properly in hospital. But no one would do anything to help me - so I did it myself.

'I got rid of it because they told me they had problems amputating my arm with a good hand on it.

'So It took it off myself and now there is no reason why the can't operate.'

This is the homemade guillotine Goddard built

When he sliced it off his horrified wife Samantha came home ten minutes later and found her husband had tossed the severed limb onto a fire in the garden.

The remains of Goddard's arm which he burnt

She called the emergency services but by the time police and paramedics arrived the hand had been too badly burnt to be saved.

Mr Goddard says he lost two pints of blood but paramedics were able to stabilise him.

He previously tried to use a knife to remove his hand but only managed to sever three tendons and a nerve.

Mr Goddard says doctors now have no excuse not to operate.

The former biker hopes he will now get a more 'reasonable hearing' from medics now they can see how determined he is.

He takes 40 painkillers a day but wants a device called a spinal stimulator implanted into his back to ease his pain.

Mr Goddard said: 'There should never have been any need for me to do this.

'It would have spared so much distress all round but it was the only way. At least if I do have the treatment it will I need it will give me and my family our lives back.

'I've told them that if nothing is done, I will take the arm off above the elbow myself. I've given them until the end of December.'

Mr Goddard insist he has undergone three psychiatric evaluations and passed all of them and police admitted that he was still 'rational' after his amputation.

It's pretty sad that this guy was in so much pain that he resorted to such extreme lengths because the government wouldn't listen to him and give him the help he needed.

You can learn more from the man in the video below;

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