Breaking: Woman Forcefully Removed from Flight for Filming Pesticides Being Sprayed ON Her!

Shortly after landing in Perth, Australia, flight passenger Petra Halusk noticed a strange thing began to happen on her plane, the flight attendant was spraying the passengers with an unknown substance. 

Petra decided to speak up and ask why the passengers were being sprayed, why couldn't it happen when the plane is empty. It turns out, according to industry insiders that its actually the passengers who are being sprayed with dangerous pesticides!

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It's pretty shocking that passengers all over the world are being treated like this. There are several different videos of flight attendants spraying passengers with pesticides and other chemicals, in one video the attendant even tells the passenger to stop filming, obviously uncomfortable for this process to be caught on camera.

People often complain of feeling ill after flying, and can blame it on the confined conditions or the quality of the air, the last thing most passengers would be thinking is that they have been unwittingly sprayed with a chemical to fulfill a bizarre safety procedure. It sounds far-fetched but we have video evidence to prove it happening on a number of different occasions, it's not just a one-off. 

How often do you buy a plane ticket without reading all of the small print? We all do it all of the time, but knowing that agreeing without fully understanding the conditions could lead to this happening to YOU in the near future has to be worrying to say the least.

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From the article:
This process is being referred to as “disinsection,” a word that seems to have been made up by the TSA or airline industry. Disinsection, or the spraying of an insecticide or pesticides on planes, is now permitted under international law. The Department of Transportation says that the supposed intent is to protect public health, crops and agriculture, and the environment.

This is a crazy procedure which the airlines are trying to keep quiet!

More from the article:
The International Civil Aviation Organization and World Health Organization (WHO) admit that aircraft cabins are being sprayed with what they are calling a “fast-acting insecticide” with passengers on board, right before takeoff.  Some airlines are instead treating aircraft interiors with a “residual-insecticide aerosol” right before passengers get on board.

Even if you are lucky enough not to be physically sprayed, the chemicals are also applied to the air crafts before and after flights, so it can still be there contaminating your clothes and skin, you could be breathing it in.

Here's the video that got Petra forcefully removed from the flight:

Passengers since the spraying started have complained of flu-like symptoms, sinus issues, rash/hives, headaches, and swollen joints- and even scarier, more severe conditions like acute respiratory problems and anaphylactic shock have also been reported. The WHO have issued a statement saying that it's perfectly safe to spray these chemical so at least we have that to put our minds at ease...

It is known that the most common pesticides that are sprayed are synthetic pyrethroids permethrin and d-phenothrin (this kill insects by attacking their nervous systems). Permethrin has been linked with Parkinson’s disease.

Now you're aware of this be sure to ask next time you fly about whether you will be sprayed or not, and your right as a passenger to decline the process. If the airlines won't back down you can elect to vote with your wallet and book a different plane.

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