Breaking: Monsanto’s Toxic Chemical Glyphosate Found in 90% of Honey Samples

An active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, glyphosate, has been found in honey after tests were done by the FDA.

The FDA and the USDA in the past have both opted out of doing tests to see how much glyphosate is in our food, even with the chemical being found in pregnant women, snacks, breakfast foods, urine, blood, breast milk, tampons, beer, vaccines, and even in stillborn piglets. 

In 2015, the World Health Organization’s IARC announced that glyphosate is even a “probable human carcinogen” that can alter DNA in a way which is very damaging to the body.

You would be forgiven for thinking that tests for harmful toxins would be a given in the food industry, considering that researchers recently announced that they had found glyphosate residues in honey, soy sauce, and other foods and condiments

Because of the culture surrounding bodies like the FDA and USDA to protect multinational corporations like Monsanto, these tests are rarely carried out, but in this instance they had to bow to public pressure.

Residues of the weed killer has even be found in food that was not in contact with it at any stage in the process. Almost every single sample tested by the FDA contained glyphosate residues, with some samples showing double the limit allowed in the European Union. Almost 90% of tests showed positive signs. 

Unfortunately, there is no legal 'safe' limit on the amount of glyphosate that is allowed in US honey. Due to the nature of the chemical, it is even finding its way into organic honey, as the beekeepers have no way of knowing if their bees have fed on flowers that have been sprayed with the weedkiller by other farmers.

With this knowledge it is hoped that the FDA will introduce more stringent rules for testing this and other harmful chemicals to ensure all of our food is chemical free.

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Breaking: Monsanto’s Toxic Chemical Glyphosate Found in 90% of Honey Samples Breaking: Monsanto’s Toxic Chemical Glyphosate Found in 90% of Honey Samples Reviewed by C C on 16:45:00 Rating: 5
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