Bayer and US Govt. Knowingly Gave HIV to Thousands of Children

How would you feel if you knew that a government agency that claims to want to protect you and your children had knowingly released medicines to the public which they KNEW had the potential to give your child HIV?

Bayer aspirin is a common household name, but along with this product, they also manufacturer lots of other products, everything from pesticides to medicine for hemophiliacs, which is called Factor 8. 

In 1984 they became embroiled at the heart of a scandal, in which a faulty HIV-infected batch of medicine was traced back to Bayer. 

After becoming aware of the problem, and unable to sell the medicine in the US, Bayer were given permission by the FDA to instead sell this medicine to countries such as Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore, according to documents obtained by the NY Times.

The documents showed how Cutter Biological, a division of Bayer, shipped more than 100,000 batches of unheated concentrate, worth more than $4 million, after it began selling the new, safer product. Shocking, right?

Not as shocking as the effects. The result of this HIV tainted medication being released into unwitting countries was that it eventually ended up infecting tens of thousands and killing thousands of adults AND children. More shocking still is that to this date, no-one has been held responsible for allowing this to happen. 

The official line given by Bayer was-

"Decisions made nearly two decades ago were based on the best scientific information of the time and were consistent with the regulations in place.”

Further evidence of a cover-up is shown in, again, according to the NY Times, the Food and Drug Administration’s regulator of blood products, Dr. Harry M. Meyer Jr., asked that the issue be ”quietly solved without alerting the Congress, the medical community and the public"

How much do you trust the government with the medicines it allows you and your family to consume everyday?

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