Probiotics Cure Peanut Allergies in 80% of Children and Can Replace Vaccines for Immune System Stimulation

Medicine in the modern era has ignored one of the most important systems of the human body. This is the symbiotic system of bacteria colonies that live within the human gut. 

The various bacteria species within the body aid digestion and protect the body from harmful outside toxins. 

The Loyola University Health System in Chicago discovered that certain Bacillus bacteria in the digestive tract form spores during times of stress. When these bacteria spores meet B lymphocytes from the immune system, the molecules bind, activating the B cells to reproduce faster. This action prompts the rapid reproduction of antibodies to help fight against viral and bacterial infections. This science is the future of boosting human immune systems.

Vaccines Will Be Replaced With Probiotics

There will become a point in the near future when  vaccines will be considered irrelevant and junk, because they do nothing to encourage commensal bacteria to stimulate the natural production of antibodies for infections.

Theoretically, vaccines are immune system stimulants that only target one strain of a virus at a time. This encourages any virus to mutate, putting the immune system under stress weakening the body, leaving it vulnerable to future attack.

Medicine will hopefully reach a point when it embraces with open arms powerful probiotic supplements to promote the colonization of helpful symbiotic bacteria. Probiotics respond to stress in the body, activating the immune system against most, if not all infections. 

The End of the Vaccine Era is Coming...

At this current point in our history, modern medicine has declares war against the human immune system. Not only does it suppress it with vaccine additives and heavy metals but it is also destroying it at the bacteria level. Antibiotics are a good example. They destroy both the bad and commensal bacteria and reep havok on the human immune system by killing the very bacteria that promote healthy antibodies!

This is the reason why probiotics are essential. These probiotic species are the real engine behind a mammal's immune system. If we are constantly wiping these colonies out, then our immune system suffers in the long run.

Probiotic Strain Cures Peanut Allergies in 80% of Children

New findings by scientists in Australia at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute show that probiotics are the biggest step toward curing lethal peanut allergies in children. The 30 children involved in this study were allergic to peanuts at the onset. During the 18-month study, the children were given both peanut flour and a probiotic called Lactobacillus rhamnosus.

A year and a half after starting the treatment, 80 percent of the children were able to tolerate peanuts. The results suggest that Lactobacillus rhamnosus is the missing piece of the children's immune systems. Lead researcher Mimi Tang said the families involved in the study were so impressed with the probiotic treatment that they said it "changed their lives."

It goes to show that further understanding and research of the commensal bacteria system in the human body and supplementing with the appropriate bacteria could cure various allergies and protect the body from multiple pathogens.

Lead researcher Mimi Tang said:

These findings provide the vital first step towards developing a cure for peanut allergy and possibly for all food allergies. It will be a major advance for medical science if we can find a treatment that is curative. It will change the lives completely for children and adults who have peanut allergies.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus is a probiotic often found in yogurt. The amount used in the study however was highly concentrated and was equivalent to roughly 44 pounds of yogurt!

When the study concluded after 18 months, the children were able to tolerate up to 14 peanuts per day or four grams of peanut protein. The normal recovery rate during this time period is only 4 percent. The probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus boosts recovery from a meager 4 percent to an astounding 80 percent.

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