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12 Ways That Our Bodies Tell Us We Are Too Stressed

Many patients suffering from chronic pain are being incorrectly treated.

Stress related pain often goes undiagnosed, with symptoms such as headaches and muscle pain being attributed to other illnesses, but they can in fact come from tensing of the muscles in relation to stress and anxiety disorders.

“Studies have shown that chronic pain might not only be caused by physical injury but also by stress and emotional issues,” Dr. Susanne Babbel for Psychology Today has said “Often, physical pain functions to warn a person that there is still emotional work to be done.”

According to Dr. Babbel, here is what your body is trying to tell you-


Headaches are often the result of stress and worry, to combat this make sure you take the time to relax, without feeling guilty or thinking about your troubles.Making time in your day to de-stress will lead to increased productivity afterwards.


Neck pain is sometimes an emotion that stems from resentment. Resentment, whether it be towards others, or yourself, can be a difficult feeling to shake. You should try to remember that you are not always going to meet the high requirements you set for yourself, and that people are not always out to hurt you. Think about the things you love about yourself, your friends and family and previous achievements  you are proud of.


The pressure of making tough decisions can often take it’s toll on your shoulders. If you are naturally indecisive or have a job that requires you to make difficult decisions it can be particularly bad. You can lighten the load of your shoulders by sharing your worries with a close friend. A problem shared really is a problem halved.

Upper Back

Pain in the upper back can come from feeling unappreciated or fearing love. Lack of support from friends and family can be upsetting, but a way to combat this is through good communication. Work on being friendly and shower you loved ones with words of affection.

Lower Back

Dr. Babbel says that lower back pain can be indicate the fear of loss and obsession with money. Financial worries can make for a very hard time in one’s life, but you should always remember that money cannot buy happiness.If you continue to do what you love, wealth is just an added bonus, not a life necessity.


Joint pain in the elbows can come from illogical stubbornness, as people are often scared or wary of change. You shouldn’t waste your time fighting against things you cannot change, take things easy and go with the flow.


Pain in their hands can occur due to an absence of companionship, especially in introverted people.Coming out of your shell can get rid of this type of discomfort. Seize the day and look to make new friends wherever you can.


Pain in the hips can signify a fear of change. Many of us are scared of change, as we become comfortable in or lifestyles and routines, but it is important that the constant changing of life is what makes it exciting and worth living. Think of life as a journey to help you lose the fear of change.


You might not realise it or even want to admit it, but knee pain can be a signal for an inflated ego. Remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Take time out to consider the people in your life, be it your closest friends, or a stranger on the street. No one ever felt bad after doing a selfless deed.


Tension in the calves can come as a result of feeling jealous or possessive in your relationships. Remember why the people closest to you are there in the first place, they care about you. Jealousy is a normal human emotion, but if you feel like you are in a relationship where jealousy is creating an unhealthy environment, it may be time to end it.


Ankle pain can come from neglecting to take care of ourselves properly. Modern like can take its toll and it may sometimes feel like there is no time to take a moment for yourself.  If you feel like this, take time to practice some self-care. Take a trip you’ve been wanting to go on, or buy yourself something special. Doing this will help you realise that only you have the power to make your dreams a reality.


Our feet can hurt from experiencing apathy which stops us from moving forward in life. Utilise all of your senses to really appreciate the beauty in the world. Try out new things that interest you to make yourself fall in love with life again.

De-Stress to Heal

The next time you feel a headache coming on, instead of taking a painkiller, relax and listen to your body. Simply relaxing the muscles can halt a headache in its tracks. Listening to the body is the best way to heal it, instead of silencing it with chemicals.

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