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11 Things People Don’t Realize They’re Doing Because Of High Functioning Anxiety

Just because we look calm, does not mean that we are. High-functioning anxiety is like a huge monster inside of your head, that for the life of you, you can’t seem to make it go away. 

Just because we look calm, does not mean that we are. High-functioning anxiety is like a huge monster inside of your head, that for the life of you, you can’t seem to make it go away. 

1. You look like you have your life together. Inside? You feel like dying.

You do everything in your own power to make it stop, but you can’t help but feel the aches in your shoulders, and feel your heart beat speed up like a wildfire. You look put together.

2. Sometimes we have to immediately leave social settings without warning. Please don’t take this as an insult.

We feel fine for one minute, laughing along with our friends and enjoying life, when all of a sudden, our head will be full of ‘what ifs’ and swirling questions come crashing down into our brains. It can be incredibly overwhelming that we have to leave certain situations just to calm ourselves down.

3. We constantly put ourselves down.

We may be successful our careers. We may be very good at our jobs. We may often face praise. But do we believe it? No. In our career, in our personal life and in our love, we put ourselves down. We always think that we can do better, and we put ourselves through a lot of stress just to get through one whole day.

4. We have tiny habits that we can’t break.

Sometimes our anxiety comes out in other different habits. Some will bite their nails, while others will tear off their cuticles. Some will tap their feet in a constant attempt to rid their body of all the anxiety and questions. For me personally? I do a lot of different things. I yawn to try to breathe better. I pick at my eyelashes. I bite my nails. I roll my shoulders over and over again to try to rid my body of those toxic thoughts. We do almost anything and everything to try to distract ourselves from the thoughts that takeover our minds.

5. Anxiety doesn’t care about how happy we are or what is going on in our lives. It is always there.

No matter what we do, no matter where we are, and no matter who we are with, it can happen at any moment. The fear. The shaking. The images that cross our minds at lightning speed. The intense nausea and stomach cramps. the worry. The panic. The twirling of our hair. The need for more oxygen. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

6. We are perfectionists.

We try really, really hard, At about everything. If our boss tells us to walk, we run. If our boss says we did a ‘good job’ we don’t see it as good enough for us. We try to be 100% perfect at everything that we do, and in our personal life too. Obviously, this is impossible to do and everyone makes mistakes, but in our heads, we have to be the best of the best.

7. We freak out over the tiniest of things

We are incredibly mean to ourselves when we make mistakes, no matter how easy it was for us to make it. We beat ourselves up in our heads day in and day out. We don’t know how to tell ourselves that it’s okay. It’s okay to fall and stumble. And everyone makes mistakes.

8. We are people-pleasers.

We love to make people happy even if that means making ourselves unhappy. We want our parents to be proud. We want guests to be happy 24/7 at a party we host. We want to make our bosses proud, and we want to make ourselves proud. However, anxiety makes us think that anything we do is not good enough.

9. Answering emails or messaging other people can make us feel like we’re suffocating.

A small task can feel overwhelming and can petrify us. Sometimes we have to calm ourselves down just to send an email to someone we have known for years. At times, we don’t answer texts back or we leave messages unanswered because it’s so much easier to just let it go, instead of interacting. 

10. The thoughts in our head drastically differ from how we look to other people on the outside.

We may seem like we have the perfect life. We may look like we have the perfect career, the perfect partner, or the perfect home. But on the inside, we are terrified. We are struggling. We are afraid. Afraid of our own worst nightmares coming true. Afraid of losing everything that we have worked hard for. Afraid that we will become nothing. High-functioning anxiety can truly make us into our very own worst enemy.

11. We always, always have to stay busy.

We have to stay busy to stay sane. Whether it be a creative outlet like singing or writing, or something like exercise to keep our mind from running away from us, we always have to be doing something. Anything that will shut the voices out. Anything that will calm down our thumping, burning hearts. Anything that will keep us from exploding.

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