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100,000 German Beekeepers Have Called For A Ban On GMOs

When we have no bees left in the world, our existence will crumble. 

As TrueActivist shared, the tiny insects are imperative to our planet’s stability. With the deaths of many bees , it has been a common worry amongst activists, beekeepers, and scientists. Now, they are doing whatever is possible to keep the bee population safe from extinction. 

There are a few theories out there that could be plausible, and are causing the collapses of bee colonies, like insecticides, Monsanto’s GMO crops, and EMF frequencies from consistent technological usage, but debates still ensue.

The German Beekeepers Association (DIB) consisting of 100,000 beekeepers, took action by asking for nationwide ban on GMO manufacturing. This report was published by the German NGO GMWatch relayed that the ban comes after legislation that sparked controversy by permitting EU countries to opt from GM cultivation, despite being already approved by the European Union. 

A lot of pro-GMO advocates are frustrated with the ban, saying it is “unfounded,” and it “lacks scientific justification.” Those who support the ban, and beekeepers, are standing strong with their stance, while outlining the noted problems associated with GMO foods. They bring awareness about the damage herbicides and pesticides that are used to boost growth, and eliminate pollinator insects. 

There is hope amongst beekeepers that Christian Schmidt, Agriculture minister (CSU) will soon administer the ban. The minister favors permitting each member state to make their own choice in continuing GM cultivation or to ban it. Bees are known to travel up to 8 kilometers to search for nutrition and pollen, so this compromise isn’t supported by many beekeepers.

Despite one state enforcing a ban, and the other continuing GM cultivation will increase cross-contamination amongst other bee populations in the member states. Beekeepers say it is “environmentally and agriculturally unacceptable.”

Bees also suffer from exposure to glyphosate which is carcinogenic and is decimating the bee population as we speak. We also find DIB’s statement to be true and correct: “Bees know no borders.” It is imperative that people are educated about how vital bees are to the stability of our planet, and that we help to keep them alive.

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