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10 Products Linked to Cancer That are Hiding in Almost Every Home

We are told to worry about what possible toxins and carcinogens are hiding in our foods, but how often do you consider that household items could be poisoning you and your family?

There are many common household items that are harboring potentially harmful levels of toxins that are easily absorbed by the body.

Be aware that the following household items can contain toxic chemicals:

Non-stick cookware
Non-stick varieties of cookware are incredibly popular and are used by the vast majority of homes in the US. When heated, the non-stick layer begins to break down at a molecular level and gets released into the food. Use glass or ceramic cookware to avoid this problem.

Artificial sweeteners
You might think you are making a smart health coice by swapping calorie-laden sugar for an artificial alternative, but these are often highly toxic. Acesulfame and aspartame have both been linked to tumor growth, and these are present in most artificial sweeteners. Instead use Stevia, Erythritol or Xylitol the sweeten your food.

Plastic bottles and containers
The plastic used in food storage and containers can actually seep into the food inside, causing chemicals to find their way into your body. One chemical know to transfer is Bisphenol A. In 2010 the FDA expressed “some concern” over the effect of the chemical.

Air Fresheners
Some recent studies have suggested that breathing in air fresheners can be worse for your health than cigarette smoke. They have been known to cause respiratory conditions such as asthma, hormone imbalances and certain cancers. A natural alternative to air fresheners is to burn essential oils in your home.

Commercial cleaning products
The average range of household cleaning products contain a huge amount of chemicals, and every time you use them they get spread around your home. Cleaning product chemicals have been known to cause respiratory disorders and are disruptive to hormones. A natural alternative is to use a mixture vinegar and baking soda, which is effective on most household dirt.

You use toothpaste everyday, but unfortunately there are dangers hiding in there too. Saccharin and Fluoride, both found in toothpaste are known carcinogens.

Many popular shampoos contain methylchloroisothiazolinone, which is a suspected suspected mutagen.

Mothballs are so effective at killing moths because they are so highly toxic. They contain Naphthalene which is thought to cause kidney and liver damage, and cancer in animals.

Antibacterial soap
Antibacterial soaps contain an ingredient called Triclosan which is said to interfere with hormone levels and can increase infertility.

Flea and tick treatment
Flea and tick treatments can be so toxic that they may be harming you and your pet far more than they help. They contain Fipronil, which can cause vomiting and diarrhea, and mild skin irritations.

Wherever you use a toxic product in your home, there is always a natural alternative that can be used to minimise the amount of toxins you and your family consume.

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